Embroidered Floral Detail Throw Pillow

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This Embroidered Floral Detail Throw Pillow will help you bring any seating space in your home to life. The pillow has a square shape and is covered in a soft white colored fabric. The edges of this pillow have thin stitched borders in a darker shade of white. On top of the white background there are embroidered flower stalks in a dull gold color which hold flower buds that are made of looser stitching. The floral buds are in a beige and brown colorway and have different shapes and sizes. This pillow has a very neutral color palette which means you can use it with any existing colors or decor styles you may already have. Elevate the look of your bed, your couch, or your favorite chair with this unique throw pillow. 5" H x 18" W x 18" D
Color: Rose Gold
Material: Linen
Finish: PN082
Style: Casual
Size: 18"X18"
Dimensions: 5(H) x 18(W) x 18(D)