Matte Black Lamp Shape Swing Arm Wall Light

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With this Matte Black Lamp Shape Swing Arm Wall Light you can add a touch of vintage design to any outdoor space in your home. The medallion wall bracket has a simple matte black finish and is attached to the main light through a tapered swing arm. The swing arm is attached to the base ornament of the light which has a lamp inspired design. The roof of the lamp has a narrow ornament which flows into a paneled sloping roof. The simple five rod frame has a circular tapered design to it which comes down into the base ornament. The frosted glass against the matte black finish adds character to the look of this lamp and elevates your whole space as well. 15" H x 6.75" W x 8" D
Style: Outdoor
Dimensions: 15(H) x 6.75(W) x 8(D)