Throw In The Towel Framed Wall Art

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A whimsical way to add some design to any space in your home, this Throw In The Towel Framed Wall Art has a very minimalist feel to it. The frame of this piece is made from wood and is finished to a dark brown color. Inside there is a white background with the words 'Was Going To Throw In The Towel But Then I Remembered How Much Laundry I Already Have' written on it in black with two different fonts. This wall art can be used in your laundry room or you can use it around your home to bring in an element of fun. The neutral colors of this piece allow you to use it anywhere without worrying about any clashing colors or styles. 10" H x 20" W x 0.88" D
Color: Multi
Material: Wood
Style: Bath
Size: 20.00 X 0.88 X 10.00
Dimensions: 10(H) x 20(W) x 0.88(D)