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Versatile Dark Wood Three Panel Room Divider Screen

Versatile Dark Wood Three Panel Room Divider Screen

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This natural Versatile Dark Wood 3 Panel Room Divider Screen is the perfect seperation screen for any interior in need of a simple and sophisticated item. The quality materials used make for a sturdy frame that can stand tall and proud in your home, offering you a durable room divider. The dark colored wood provides a rich and stylish looking item, adding value to your interior. This piece is great for creating seperate cozy nooks in your home and or sectioning off areas in rooms where you want to create a more secluded or added private space. By using this screen you can elimenate the hassle of building or putting up walls, and rather have the luxury of temporary and versatile seperation! 70" x 63" x 2"
Color: Brown
Material: Wood
Style: Modern
Dimensions: 70(H) x 63(W) x 2(D)
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