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White Stone and Rattan Detail Planter

White Stone and Rattan Detail Planter

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Your plants will look even more vibrant when put in this White Stone and Rattan Detail Planter. The planter is made from white stone wear and has a wide plant pot shape with a wide middle body that tapers slightly towards the base and an open and wide mouth. The top of the plant pot has an exposed brown color and is the base for the woven rattan strips that cover the body of this piece. The X shaped pattern of the rattan covering add more depth and dimension to the overall look. You can use this plant pot with live plants or it can be used with dried arrangements also. 6.25" H x 9" W x 9" D
Color: White
Material: Stoneware
Style: Boho
Size: 9.00 X 9.00 X 6.25
Dimensions: 6.25(H) x 9(W) x 9(D)
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